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Sanji Karu operates and manages Skar Image Lab which is a Fine Art Print Studio for Visual Artist primarily inkjet printing, film scanning and retouching. He produced prints and scans for personal work, exhibitions, commercial work & portfolios. He provides a personalized service for his clients ensuring that their requirements are met. The advantage of working with him is that you are communicating to the person that is going to produce your work, which is critical to achieving your desired outcome.
Sanji knows your work is personal and a lot of time went into producing it. Hence he gives his clients the time to discuss their work and understand their requirements. He takes great care and attention to detail when producing your work, using antistatic & cotton gloves when handling prints and negatives, acid free tissue paper for packing prints, anti static natural hair brushes for cleaning prints, grounded antistatic film cleaner & a climate control studio space.
The main reason why Sanji started Skar Image Lab is that he really enjoy working with Visual Artists, having conversations & discussions about their work. This is reminiscent of his time at Unitec where he studied toward a Bachelor in Design & Visual Arts majoring in Photography & Media Arts. Sanji really enjoys the technical and conceptual side of producing work and being part of the creative process.

High Quality Printing, Film Digitisation & Retouching with a Personalised Service

Inkjet Printing

Fine Art, Graphic & Photographic Prints from A6 to B0.

Film Scanning

Digitization of 35mm,120 & 4x5

Image Retouching

Exposure, Colour correction, Negative cleaning & Grading

Camera Sourcing

Sourcing of classic film cameras such as 35mm, Medium Format & Large Format cameras

Custom Framing

Framing of prints for exhibition or for your clients

Calibration & Profiling

Display Calibration & Paper Profiling
Services Detailed


Inkjet Printing

Producing high quality prints with Epson Wide Format printers on both Fine Art and Photographic paper stocks. The inks used are archival standards and are designed to last a long time under ideal conditions. Print sizes range to A6 to 40x60". Custom sizes are available on request.

Film Scanning

Film scanning for negatives & slides using the Epson V800 & Hasselblad/Imacon X1. The V800 is suitable for proofs, reference files, contact prints, general archiving. The X1 is one of the best scanners in the market, it has a virtual drum that simulates a drum scan but without having to coat your precious negatives in oil/fluid.

Image Retouching

Essentially this is image grading where exposures are balanced, white balance are corrected, details are enhanced, sharpening for screen/print, colour correction, contrast, tones & spotting/cleaning of film scans.

Custom Framing

I work with a few local experienced custom framers, they stock a variety of mouldings, glass and matt board to select from. Please contact me for more information.


I run workshops & professional development courses for Artists and Photographers who have access to printers & scanners. The courses start from basic to advance topics in the area of printer/scanner operation, print prep, software, file handling, retouching & troubleshooting.

Camera Sourcing

I personally source classic film cameras and lenses such as the Mamiya RZ67, Mamiya TLRs, 4x5 and many more. I find these cameras, test them to make 
sure they are working and source any accessories that the client wants. I also 
source other photographic or video equipment and can recommend other business for rental of such equipment.

Display Calibration

Calibrating laptop, monitors and projectors to the appropriate exposure and to display accurate colours. This is a key factor when editing images/video on your computer. If you display is not calibrated your final image will display inaccurate colours and exposures. This is especially important when printing and producing work for exhibitions or clients.

Paper Profiling

This involves creating a custom ICC profile for a paper stock which does not have an ICC profile. The process ensures high colour accuracy and tonal range of your digital image when printing. By calibrating the printer, paper stock and display it is possible to achieve a high screen to print accuracy.

We all work with each other, If you would like to collaborate with Skar Image Lab, please contact us

Sanji Karu (Owner/Operator)

Photographer, Artist ,Technician & Master Printer
Skar Image Lab

Louise James (Owner/Binder)

Master Binder, Designer, Artisan, Craftswoman
The Binding Studio

Live Arts Trust
Toi Ora

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